Torrance Adult School History




WASC Accreditation


Torrance Adult School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Post-Secondary Education (WASC). Accreditation status certifies that Torrance Adult School is a trustworthy institution of learning and validates the integrity of our academic program as it supports student student learning throughout life.






The Mission of Torrance Adult School is to provide high-quality, affordable, educational, and personal enrichment opportunities in an era of rapid technological, economic, and social change to empower a diverse population of adults to be effective citizens in the home, workplace, and community.






The Vision of Torrance Adult School is to be the leader in providing lifelong learning for Adults, with a dynamically evolving program that supports the current and future needs of our School District and Community.




Student Learning Outcomes


• Students will set personal goals and demonstrate progress toward them.


• Students will demonstrate the ability to solve problems.


• Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly and collaborate with others.


• Students will use resources, including technology, as tools to research, organize, and communicate information.